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Quick Turnaround Times

We offer shorter turnaround times without compromising quality to make it convenient for your patients.

Authentic Materials

Whether it’s BruxZir or Emax, we always use authentic materials. Plus, our product are made right here in the USA.

Customer Service

Top tier customer service. Our goal is to make you happy!

Welcome to Polaris Dental Lab

Our philosophy of using state of the art equipment, highly experienced technicians, and great customer service, has helped our laboratory growsignificantly and has maintained a steady growth in clientele.
We take pride in being a quality driven laboratory that can fulfill all of yourrestorative dental needs. We specialize in BruxZir, Emax, Lava, Sculpture Plus, and every kind of Porcelain Fused to Metal. All of our productsare genuine and authentic.
With our 15,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility, we remain committed to partnering with you now and in the future.Call us today and learn how Polaris Dental Lab delivers precision solutions for your restorations.

Does your current lab have these?

A lab team that is willing and able to sustain a long-term, partnership-style interpersonal relationship

Fees that are fair and transparent, providing great value

The ability to provide a service that feels “local”, even if the lab is situated a great distance from the office

Punctuality and reliable turnaround times

Ethical behavior and trustworthiness

"Meeting the challenges of an ever-changing healthcare environment." - Dr. Jonathan Gobi

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